Video: Discarded Motorola RAZR3 Prototype Gives a Glimpse Into The Moto That Could Have Been

Twisted realityBack in 2008, after milking the poor cash cow to death, Motorola decided to can their once crazy-popular RAZR series of phones. A good thing, too, as their Android line of phones are really quite good, and have helped them climb out of the dreaded red end.

But today over on Slash Gear, a prototype RAZR3 has risen from the grave to show us a twisted world where Motorola feature phones were the hotness, and smart phones were only for the geeks and their pocket protectors (like me…). It’s quite chilling.

The specs are actually quite good, especially considering it was meant to be released back in those hazy days of 2009. A 5MP camera with LED flash, GPS, Voice Control, FM radio, chrome exterior, you know the drill. But no apps. Eck. I shiver to think of phones without app stores.


But, for those with a taste for nostalgia, or a perverse liking for glimpses into alternate realities, you should take a look at the video, below.