Rumour: EVO 4G to cost $199 From Best Buy

Are you hankerin’ for some hot 4G action, but a little worried that the new tech could add a premium on top of the handset price? Well, lucky for you I have some good news: The new hotness — the Sprint EVO 4G — is rumoured to cost only $199 on contract from Best Buy.

Darrin Morton from OZCarGuide got the info from a Best Buy employee, but sadly has no photos or other evidence to back the claim up, so it will remain on the “rumour” pile for now.

But, while it’s not a revolutionary price, it is in line with current (non-4G) models, so it seems a logical (if not pleasant, given the whole “next-gen” thing) price point.

This is, of course, without word of how much the monthly plan will cost, so you kids better keep on saving your pocket money, just in case.