CrunchDeals: 1200 free photo prints at ArtsCow

That’s…. quite a lot of photos to get for free! Do you have a drive full of snapshots from the last couple years that you’ve never really gotten around to printing? Well, now’s your chance. All you have to do is sign up for a new account at ArtsCow and you can get 150 (100 4×6″ and 50 5×7″) printed immediately. You’re limited to 150 per month, but hey, that’s 150 more free prints than you had last month.

The official rules are here. You still have to pay for shipping, and unfortunately this deal only applies to “orders placed and shipped within the globe.” I’m assuming they mean orders placed from this, the third planet from the su. So those of you in low earth orbit or on the Mars base are out of luck.

[via LogicBuy]