LOL! Some1s stealing ur car!: Viper SmartStart for iPhone gets push notifications

We’ve written about the Viper SmartStart system before. It’s the $30-per-year iPhone/BlackBerry app that, when paired with a $500 component in your car, ensures that you never have to worry about strenuous nonsense like turning a key to start your car or unlock your doors ever again.

Up until this point, its been a one way deal. You can tell your car to turn on and fire up the AC, or use your alarm to scare the hell out of people in parking lots miles away – but what if your car wanted to talk back to you?

Now it can!

Viper just pushed out an update for the iPhone build of SmartStart, with one big-button new feature: push notifications. Now everytime some jerk busts through your window (or a raccoon stands just a little too close), SmartStart can let you know that your alarm is blaring whether you’ve got the app open or not. It’ll also give you a heads up if a command didn’t execute successfully for some reason.

Pro Tip: If someone’s breaking into your car (and you’re sure it’s not just the aforementioned raccoon), call the cops. Abandoning your grocery cart to run outside and try and duke it out with some burglar is a good way to get your face stabbed.

[Via IntoMobile]