Super PreKernel Wants to Make Your Palm Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Hey kids! Do you have a Palm Pre or Pre Plus? Do you long for a little extra oomph? Some extra glide in it stride, spring in its step, and dip in its hip? Are you aware that overclocking hacks exist, but are fearful of how difficult they are to implement? Are you still listening? Good, because I have some fantastic news!

Some of Pre Central’s finest have created what they call the Super PreKernel App, which is a dead-simple way to bump the speed of your Pre or Pre Plus up to Superman speeds, or down to snail’s pace, as you see fit.

They’ve even gone and created a video detailing the whole process, illustrated with the very metaphors you just read, and complemented by a classic soundtrack to boot. I’ve embedded it below for your enjoyment.

The overclocking process is now dead-simple, so you might as well read the disclaimer and get going.

Details and instructions are available here.

[via Engadget]

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