Freezing the Boeing 787 using weather control technology

So where exactly are you supposed to go if you need to freeze one of largest passenger jet planes ever made? Well if you’re Boeing, you go to the McKinley Climatic Chamber at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. This facility is designed to simulate anything from the most extreme freeze, to the hottest desert. You have to wonder though, what is the military doing with this technology? Is this part of Bill Gates’ agenda to control the weather?

Ordinarily, the jet would have just been flown up into the arctic and test there, but due to delays Boeing missed the timing on winter. After they realized that it wouldn’t time out properly, Boeing announced that they would be flying the jet to Florida to be tested. The advantage of the McKinley Climatic Chamber is that not only will Boeing be able to test the cold, but they also plan on testing the jet in high desert temperatures.

[via Autopia]