Videos: See Robovie-R Ver. 3, the robot for the elderly and disabled, in action

We’ve given you some early information and a first picture of Robovie-R Ver.3 (a robot that’s supposed to make life for older and handicapped people easier) last week. And today, the makers of the robot, major Japanese robot maker Vstone and Japan’s Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR), made Robovie-R official [JP].

Standing 120cm tall, the robot weighs 43kg (including the 336Wh battery) and boasts the following specs: eleven touch sensors, two USB cameras (one for each eye), two mono mics (one for each ear), a total of 17 joints, a speaker (in his mouth), networking capability, 2.5km/h speed, an aluminum frame, and an optional laser range finder to make it easier to avoid obstacles.

Starting now, the ATR and Vstone are actually taking orders for the robot, which costs $41,000.

This video shows Robovie-R Ver. 3 going up a slope and entering a building:

Watch him speak and guide a human here: