Microsoft planning low-cost Windows Phone 7 devices for developing markets

Suppose that in addition to excluding a decade of apps and development, leaving out certain features, and starting out from scratch with a whole new visual theme, your phone is just plain expensive. So expensive, in fact, due to the restrictions you’ve placed on its hardware in order that it might run well, that you’ve priced yourself right out of huge markets like China and India. Which is to say something like a third of the world’s phone-buying population. What do you do? You make Windows Phone 7 Budget Series, of course!

According to Sudeep Bharati, who works on Microsoft India’s Visual Studio team, says that “the low-cost version of the phone will have a different chassis than version 1 to be launched by 2010 end.” Now, it’s not clear whether this is a chassis different from the three already announced. That is to say, it isn’t clear whether it is the third of those chassis or a secret bonus chassis.

If I had to guess, I’d say it would sport the minimum spec, since Sudeep said nothing of a different spec sheet. My guess would be: cheaper materials, candy bar build, 320×480 non-LED screen, and bargain bin graphics.

[via Engadget]