Microsoft Fix It comes to Windows Vista, XP

Good news for those of you who are still plugging along on Windows XP and Vista. Microsoftis bringing Fix It to said operating systems; it’s already available on Windows 7. Fix It tries to—wait for it—fix your PC problems before they require your to break out a sledgehammer and teach your hard drive a lesson. It’s in beta right now, so feel free to give it a shot. “Feel free,” as if I’m the arbiter of your free time!

Fix It seems pretty handy. It scans your PC (and any devices you have connected to it, like external hard drives and the like) for some 300 glitches and problems, and offers to fix ’em for you then and there. Thank you, Microsoft, though it’s a shame there are so many issues to begin with.

Or, as John’s unhelpful suggestion goes, “Fit It? Get a Mac.” Yes, let me spend an arm and a leg to buy an underpowered, overpriced laptop. A nice laptop, certainly, but it’s not exactly cost-efficient.

I’ve been using Windows 7 pretty much full steam ahead since December (though I still old Macs laying about), and I’ve had zero issues to speak of. Viruses, trojans, inexplicable glitches, etc.

Knock on wood, of course.