Meet ISAMARO, Japan's newest humanoid

Japan must have a solid number of customers willing to pay a ton of money for home-use robots, because otherwise there wouldn’t be so many of them actually available for end users like you and me. Take ISAMARO [JP], for example, a new humanoid that hasn’t been build for demo purposes, research etc. but for people who actually want to use him.

Made by Tokyo-based venture, the little guy stands 40cm tall, and weighs 16.7kg. ISAMARO is powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery, comes with a USB 2.0 interface and has a total of 19 joints in his body. throws in a piece of software (Windows XP) through which users can program ISAMARO who can then be remote-controlled (the Bluetooth remote costs extra money though). already starts accepting pre-orders and will start shipping the first ISAMAROs next month. One robot will cost you $1,600.