Boy Scouts now awarding geocaching badges

Up until a few minutes ago, I had never heard of “geocaching.” One quick YouTube video later, and I’m all, “That sounds amazing.” If only I were 13 years old, then I could join the Boy Scouts and get my very own geocaching badge, the Scouts’ newest, most tech-y badge available.

Let’s first explain geocaching. It’s basically a worldwide treasure hunt that uses GPS devices. You go to, obtain coordinates of hidden geocaches—small “treasure chests”—head over to said location with your GPS device, then come back and tell everyone what you’ve found on the Web site. I don’t know who puts these geocaches all over the world—presumably members of the community.

The Boy Scouts now award badges for finding geocaches. It’s an attempt to “modernize” the organization, giving kids a chance to try out their navigation skills with the help of modern technology.

Perhaps a “properly forwarded your router ports” badge is in order, or “jailbroken an iPhone“?