GameGripper: the snap-on, no-batteries-needed gamepad for your Droid

Bluetooth controllers? Meh. Why reinvent the wheel when the tire just needs new treading?

Take the Motorola Droid. With its big ol’ physical QWERTY keyboard, it has plenty of buttons for gaming (read: playing ROMs) — it’s just that they’re not very conveniently placed. Enter the GameGripper, a snap-on accessory that converts your Droid’s old, boring keyboard into a full fashioned game pad.

Here’s whats going on: You slip the GameGripper over your Droid’s keyboard, and the buttons on the GameGripper line up with those below it. It’s only going to work for those games where key mapping can be redefined — but given that key mapping support is pretty much standard for emulators (which I’d imagine will be the most popular use case), that shouldn’t be an issue for most.

The GameGripper will set you back $15 bucks (plus $5 for shipping) — which, given that it appears to be a fairly independent operation (read: Guy. Garage. Go!), seems plenty reasonable. Not touting a Droid? Don’t sweat it. Plans are in the works to make GameGrippers for the BlackBerry Bold, Moto Devour, and Palm Pixi, and they’re open to other devices if enough people request it.

Check out the GameGripper here.

[Thanks Hyrum! Good luck!]