3D printing gets even more affordable with the BFB 3000

3D printing has always been something for the well-off and not for weekend hobbyists or small businesses. That’s about to change if the 3D printer from Bits from Bytes makes it to market. The BFB 3000 3D printer will be officially unveiled next month and is said to have a £2,000 ($3,000 USD) price tag. Just think of all the fun that can be had for $3K.

The printer can use either a three-head or two-head configuration with the two-head allowing for voids and support material. The source material is provided by an SD card where it’s converted into the necessary file format. Then the printer does it’s job and creates the 3D object.

The last time we heard of a low-cost 3D printer, the company went belly-up and sold off all its IP material. Hopefully BFB has better luck.