Plextor has a NAS of its own in the PX-NAS2

Plextor, Plextor… Seems they have a new Network Attached Story for you to consider. It’s the PX-NAS2, and it’s the company’s first NAS. Two bays in this bad boy—that means you can slip two hard drives in there, if you please.

A NAS is a NAS, yes, so there’s not too much to the PX-NAS2. You stick the hard drives in there (or get a model that includes hard drives right from the get-go), plug it into your network, and off you go. “Of you go” means you can see and share documents all over your network from the same NAS.

There’s the standard backup software (Memeo, for the record) that will automatically backup all your stuff to the NAS. She’s DLNA 1.5 certified, so there.

The plain old model, without hard drives, costs $225, one with two 500GB drives is $355, and one with two, 1TB drives will set you back $565.