Panasonic announces Micro Four-Thirds pro camcorder

This isn’t really something many gadget lovers will want (at an estimated $6000 it’s well out of our price range), but it does demonstrate Panasonic’s commitment to the M4/3 format, and not just at a consumer level. The AG-AF100 will fit with whatever lenses you see fit to buy for your EVIL Panasonic camera, and shoots pretty much every format you might want to shoot, as long as you don’t want to shoot any larger than 1080p at 30fps.

The device that springs to mind when I see this thing is the RED Scarlet, which may (if it’s ever released) actually provide more versatility and more resolution in a smaller package and at a lower price. We’ll see how things hash out; Panasonic makes good camcorders and if this thing gets released first, it could tempt a lot of pros not willing to wait on RED’s perfectionism.

Specs and formats can be found at the press release. 4/3 gets more interesting by the day.

[via 4/3 Rumors; image via DVX User forums]