There will be a collector's edition of StarCraft II

Blizzard just announced, via fancy e-mail, that there will, indeed, be a collector’s edition of StarCraft II, whenever it comes out. (No, Blizzard has not announced a release date yet, but says it will “soon.”) Anyhow, the collector’s edition will come with a 176-page art book, a USB thumb drive loaded with the original StarCraft and its expansion pack Brood War, a behind-the-scenes DVD, a CD soundtrack, a comic book, and a World of Warcraft in-game pet, plus other bonus downloadable content (aesthetic stuff, not like mega-powerful guns or anything). Total cost: $99.

It should be noted that this collector’s edition will only be available at retail stores, so you’ll have to make a trip to GameStop or wherever to nab it.

The standard edition, which will cost $59.99, will be available at retail as well as though Blizzard’s digital download store. The downloadable version will be released “shortly after” the retail version. Hmm…

Both versions will be totally free to play online on, and they’ll work with both Windows and Mac.