Samsung's new webcam sensors are "high performance, high definition" – kind of

When the first 720p webcams came out, I was pretty skeptical. And I still am, considering that their image quality isn’t very good. I mean, you may as well stick with 640×480; at least it’ll be clear. 1280×720 pixels is a lot to ask from a sensor the size of a ladybug. And those cheap little lenses simply can’t resolve the detail necessary to justify such a pixel count. But that won’t stop Samsung. They’re going to pump out tiny, “HD” sensors like there’s no tomorrow.

I don’t know, guys. It just seems silly to be pushing “definition” when the product really has none. I don’t speak merely of the Samsungs, which of course I haven’t seen yet, but pretty much every cheap HD product out there. What’s the point of resolution if you lose out on smooth motion, good color, and clear edges? But alas, “HD” sells. Expect even the lowest-end laptops to be sporting HD webcams soon. At least you can probably choose VGA in the settings.