Six Flags Launches an iPhone App to Save You From the Horrors of Loneliness

Big day at Six Flags planned sometime soon? No natural sense of direction? Constantly worried that you’ll lose your friends at a large theme park, and end up having to spend the night all alone in the cold, hiding from Crazy Jimmy the Maintenance Man? Own an iPhone or iPod touch? I’ve got some good news for you: Six Flags have just launched a brand new iPhone/iPod Touch app that has you covered.

The free app, available now, offers 4 main features:

  • An interactive map showing you your exact location, as well as the location of rides, games, entertainment venues, food and retail outlets, ATMs, bathrooms and even characters (so you shouldn’t get lost)
  • A friend finder, that shows you the location of, and allows you to chat with, any of your Facebook Friends that are also using the application (so they can come find you when you do get lost)
  • Some kind of social club and big scream, which, while making little sense to me, somehow allows you to pick all the coolest bits in the park and arrange to meet your friends there (I love planning)
  • An events listing, so you know what you’re missing out on while you’re waiting for your friends to find you/running from crazy Jimmy

Horror themes aside, I think the interactive map/friend finder would actually be a pretty useful tool for those inevitable situations where you do end up getting separated from your pals, and could turn a bad situation into the great day it was supposed to be.

Oh, and yes: The Six Flags song is now stuck in your head. Snap.