Rumor: Looks like AT&T might be getting the Samsung Galaxy S, or something just like it

Samsung has been teasing the gadget-loving world ever since the announcement of the Galaxy S back at CTIA. “It’s Android-powered!” they’d say. “4.0-inch Super AMOLED screen!” they’d say. “Oh, you want to know what carrier its going to? Oh. Well, that’s a bummer.” they’d say.

Unless we’re looking too hard into these freshly released Bluetooth Certification papers, it looks like one of the carriers getting the Galaxy S — or at least a very Galaxy S-esque phone — will be AT&T.

Check out the Bluetooth Certification sheet for the Galaxy S, and now check out this one for the Samsung SGH-I987. Notice any similarities?

Both are running TouchWiz 3.0 on top of Android, and both have the same 4.0″ AMOLED display. The only difference we can see at this point (outside of a few missing Bluetooth profiles) is the model number: the Samsung Galaxy S is the GT-I9000, while this new mystery phone is the SGH-I897.

And as for why we’re assuming this one’s heading for AT&T: it’s all in the model number. As far back as we can remember, Samsung models beginning with SGH and ending with 7 (like the Propel [SGH-A767], Propel Pro [SGH-i627], Mythic [SGH-a897], Impression [SGH-A877], Eternity [SGH-A867]) have all gone to AT&T. Couple that in with the fact that it’s a GSM handset with EDGE bands (3G radio bands weren’t disclosed) that play friendly with AT&T, and it’s all just coming together too perfectly.

Who knows: maybe it’s the Galaxy S Pro?

[Via Phonescoop]