Skyfire opens up Alpha signups for their Android browser, gets bombarded, closes Alpha signups

We’ll keep this one brief, because the news is likely as much of a bummer for most as it is good news.

Skyfire, which is still the only mobile browser able to churn through Flash, Silverlight, Quicktime, and just about any other media you throw at it, just opened up the signups for the Alpha test of their upcoming Android client. Hurray! We knew the Android port was coming after they bought up the already-established Android browser, Steel — we just didn’t think they were progressing this quickly.

Here’s where the news goes sour.

If you’re reading this now and you haven’t signed up yet, you’re out of luck. Almost as quickly as the Alpha sign-up page opened, it closed; Skyfire got overwhelmed with inquiries, and hit Alpha capacity within a few hours.

We tend to be on good footing with the folks at Skyfire, so I’ll reach out to see if they’re willing to set a few spots aside for our readers. In the mean time, keep an eye out for future Alpha signups and let us know when things go down, won’t you?