Mythical White BlackBerry 9700 caught on RIM's own site

The rumormill has been suggesting that a white variation of the BlackBerry 9700 was in the works for a few months now – but so far, it’s managed to stay far from the visual reaches of any interested gadget gossiper with a camera. It’s like Big Foot, except without all the crazy people looking for it.

Fortunately for us, it doesn’t seem like RIM’s actually trying to keep it a secret — or if they are, they at least aren’t telling their Thailand branch that. The white 9700 just made a surprise appearance right on RIM’s own Thailand-focused site. There’s no indication just yet that it’s coming to the US – but maybe, just maybe, if you cross your fingers and make fists with your toes, it’ll find its way over.

[Via IntoMobile]