Seeking Jumbotron Fame? CrowdCameo Lets You Upload Mobile Photos To The Big Board

Social Media is catching fire, and college sports wants a piece of the action. Row27, a company we profiled a few months ago, has just released CrowdCameo. The product is a suite of picture-sharing web and mobile apps which let fans post pictures directly to a college sports-branded web page. Basically, all those drunk idiots (including myself) at college sports games can now spend all day taking crazy pictures of themselves in their LSU gear and see it on the college’s sports site.

Better yet, select photos can be shown up on the Big Board (the huge video screen) in college stadiums. Basically, fans take pictures of themselves or others via mobile phone or camera and send those pictures to a generic e-mail address (say Then, LSU screens those pictures and decides which ones go up on the fan site or on the board during half-time.

The service was piloted at, you guessed it, LSU, which is one of the bigger college sports schools in the country. Within a month or so, they’ve processed over 6,000 mobile photos. The service is now being made available more publicly and other college programs can get involved.

As you may have noticed by now, I’m a huge college football fan and also an avid believer in the ability for web technologies to be used to augment real-world experiences. I can see any college that implements a feature like CrowdCameo seeing a lot of engagement – who wouldn’t start taking pictures and uploading them to the net?

This is the second great product I’ve seen from Row27. They, like many other smart entrepreneurs, do a great job of funding their own work by obtaining a “beach head” client (in this case, LSU) to front the cost of development. Then, they make sure they own the IP so they can go ahead and sell the same product in the future to other companies (in this case, college sports teams).