Verizon to start pushing Android 2.1 to Droids today

Hey you! The one holding your breath until the Verizon Droid gets Android 2.1! Exhale. Inhale.

After a surprise delay of about two weeks, it looks like Android 2.1 is finally hitting the Motorola Droid today.

Those crazy cats over at Engadget have got their mittens all up on an internal e-mail which says pretty flat out that the update roll-out will begin today. 1,000 people should be getting it right around now, with 9,000 more getting it by the time the night is over. As long as frogs don’t start falling from the sky and dogs don’t start wearing shoes as a result of this update, Verizon will kick it out to everyone else by Thursday night.

Of course, there will probably be a manual update method available for all the anxious folks within the next few hours.