The HD2 Winner: The boy who got food poisoning at Red Lobster

Before we begin by announcing the winner of the T-Mobile HTC HD2, let’s pour a little out for the smartphoneless. We feel for you. We do.

We went through a whole lot of tales of woe. Lots of people literally deserved phones for the trouble they’ve been through and I’m going to encourage T-Mo to go through the comments to address some of the T-Mo customers who feel they’re being unfairly treated. However, we had to pick one and we picked a young man with a sad phone and an even sadder tale of woe. He wrote:

My laptop was stolen three weeks ago.

I subsequently got food poisoning at Red Lobster.

Also subsequently, I was rejected from my transfer college of choice.

This week my iPod classic committed suicide from inside my car and leaped onto a major road. Needless to say, it is very, very dead.

My phone has no outer shell. It broke last year. I have a skeleton.

Congratulations to Alex. The fact that you even ate at Red Lobster is a testament to outside forces assailing you from all sides. That’s him, above. We are sorry for your loss but hopefully this makes up for it.

Special thanks to T-Mobile for the giveaway and thanks, as always, for reading.