HTC Desire shows up on Verizon's site, but probably not how you'd expect

Hey there, friends! You know what time it is? It’s “Good news, bad news..” time!

The Good News: An anonymous tipster just spotted this little gem on Verizon’s own website, listing the “HTC Desire” as one of the items that comes in the Droid Eris box.

The Bad News: As much as we’d love to think this is some rogue employee’s covert way of leaking details or some sort of crazy Freudian slip (Freudian typo?), neither of those are probably the case. You see, the “Desire” name has served as an internal codename for other HTC Android handsets in the past, including, unfortunately, the Droid Eris. As it currently stands, we can only assume that this is a lingering placeholder that’s somehow gone unnoticed for months.

Oh well, we can always hope. And if that fails? Well, there’s always the Incredible!