The new WinPho7 promo: Doot dee doot

From: The Windows Phone 7 Team
To: The Windows Phone 7 Advertising Gnomes

After months of deliberation, we hereby present the master plan for all modern mobile commercials.

To acquire:
Rights to Feist instrumental break
Cute woman with curly hair (personable)
Handsome, rugged man in vaguely military but alternative shirt
Record shop (build)
Shot-for-shot outdoor location list for all McDonald’s commercials

1. Woman sends messages
2. Woman uses “Facebook” (a social networking site. This site is unavailable from internal Microsoft workstations. Use a “public access point” to view it. DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT.)
3. Woman takes pictures
4. Woman checks maps
5. Man looks at woman in a way that suggests the desire for intercourse.

Repeat this commercial until next Super Bowl or until Apple changes their ad style, whichever comes first.