Windows Phone 7 Gets Another Twitter App: Twikini

A few days ago we wrote about Mel Sampat, a member of the Windows Phone 7 development team who had chosen to leave the team to pursue his own endeavors, part of which included making third-party apps for the very platform he helped make. You might assume that his history with the platform would make developing things for it a bit easier — and, well, you’d probably be right.

Just two days after the general availability of the Windows Phone 7 development tools, Sampat’s company Mist Labs has just announced their first Windows Phone 7 application: Twikini. Besides being the company’s first app, it also gets to claim to be the first Update: second (see below) Twitter client announced for the platform.

Mist Labs had said from the beginning that one of their goals was to help already established applications/brands bring their wares to WP7, and that’s exactly the case here. Mist Labs worked in collaboration with Trinket Software, who originally made Trikini for WP7’s aging sibling, Windows Mobile 6.5.

There’s no word yet on pricing — but given that there’s no sign of advertising in the screenshots they’ve shown so far, I wouldn’t expect it to be free. The price of the original Twikini was $4.95; combine that with the fact that there will inevitably be dozens upon dozens of Twitter apps by the time WP7 launches in 7-8 months, and Twikini probably won’t set you back more than a buck or two.

Update: False alarm on the “first” part – Seesmic was one of Microsoft’s software partners announced at MIX earlier this week, making it the first on the platform.