AT&T ZERO to save the planet one phone charger at a time

They’re in our homes, and they’re in our schools. There they sit, silently, eating our power. Even if you unplug your phone, they keep devouring power. What’s next!? Will cell phone chargers some day EAT YOUR CHILDREN? More at 11.

In a move to save you some gadget juice and boost their “green”-factor, AT&T has just announced what they call the first “automatic zero draw charger”, the ZERO.

In a nutshell, the thing simply stops drawing power when no phones are connected for charging. Like many chargers as of late (Apple’s, Palm’s, HTC’s, etc), it’s USB based, allowing you to use this brick with just about any phone you’ve got. It also will not eat your children.

Look for the ZERO charger to hit the shelves at AT&T stores come May. They’re not saying how much it’ll cost beyond “the same as existing replacement chargers” which, according to AT&Ts own site, is right around $30 on average.