Chinese iPhone Air is super thin, super fake

Come, friends! Circle ’round and let me tell you a tale of the finest fake in all the lands. Is your standard, completely not-shady iPhone too thick and legitimate for you? 12.3mm thick? That’s like a loaf of bread! What you need, friend, is the iPhone Air. Not only have they managed to completely rip off everything from the body design to the user interface (presumably poorly), but they’ve also stuffed it all into a package just 8.5mm thick!

Trademark infringement? Pah! This is China, friend! Plus, it’s got WiFi! And Edge! App Store? What’s an App Store? This has all the apps you’ll ever need. Like a random browser claiming to be Internet Explorer.

And how much will this plunge into crazytown set you back? For you, friend, just 880 Chinese Yuan — or roughly 117 dollars. Where are you going, friend? Friend?

[m8Cool via GizChina]