BlueAnt to launch a text-message-to-speech Android App next week

Bluetooth headsets are great for keeping your eyes on the road while you’re driving — until you get a text message. “I wonder who that’s from? I’ll just take a peek!” you think, reaching for your phone… and BAM! Your car’s front end is now playing twister with another car’s rear end.

Bluetooth headset manufacturer BlueAnt is looking to cut down on the number of surprise trunk attacks with the introduction of their first Android App, which they’ll be announcing next week at CTIA.

Nobody’s spilled the beans on the app’s name to us just yet, so we’ll have to do with just calling it “the application”. When paired up with BlueAnt’s Q1 headset, the application will read off the text of incoming text messages. You get to know what people are saying, and you don’t even have to wreck your car or endanger others! Who would have thought?

Look for more news about the app (and a brand new BlueAnt headset) next week.