Palm launches a new slogan for webOS: Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing.

We love webOS around these parts. What we don’t love — not one bit — is how they’ve been advertising it. They kicked things off with creepiness, and then followed it up with mis-aimed cheesiness. Fortunately, it looks like Palm has finally, finally figured this advertising thing out.

Just minutes ago, Palm used a new commercial to debut the brand new slogan for webOS: Life moves fast. Don’t miss a thing. Given that two of webOS’ biggest strengths are how it manages notifications and contacts, we’d say that’s pretty fitting.

Plus, the commercial itself isn’t half bad. It shows off multi-tasking and app switching while riding the fine line between too abstract and too tech-y. Plus, as Youtube user zeo2k so eloquently put it, “Chick is FLY! damn…”

Lets hope this is just the beginning for a pretty massive marketing overhaul from Palm.