Droid 2.1 update coming in March, says random Motorola CS rep

Oh, customer service agents, how we love you. You’re an endless source of knowledge — even if about 80% of it tends to be taken from gadget blogs, pushed through the fact distorting ears of the rumor mill. That other 20%, though.. there are some real gems in there.

Like the launch window for the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid, for example.

Android fan site Droid-Life started nagging at CS agents for information about when we might see 2.1 land on the Motorola Droid – and sure enough, they got a hit:

Marcelo M.: Hi, my name is Marcelo M.. How may I help you?
Kellen B: Hey Marcelo! Since the Spain Milestone has Android 2.1 and the Bulgarian one launches at the end of this week with 2.1, should Droid users expect it this week as well?
Marcelo M.: Within the next 2-3 weeks
Kellen B: Really? That’s awesome news. So by the end of March?
Marcelo M.: Yes
Kellen B: Very cool! Any details on what will be included in the update?
Marcelo M.: Not at this time Kellen, I am sorry
Kellen B: Ok, well thanks for providing me with a more defined timeline than just “soon”. Greatly appreciated.

So, one rep says it’s coming by the end of March. One rep’s word is never enough to go off of (because, like anyone else in the world, they tend to pass on what they’ve heard, rumor or otherwise, as fact), so Droid-Life asked another rep. This one wasn’t quite as specific, saying only that it was coming in “Q1” – which, as it turns out, happens to end in March.

Take it with a grain of salt for the time being, but Droid owners just might be in for the upgrade treatment before the month is out. We hopped on Moto’s support chat ourselves to try and confirm and, out of pure coincidence, ended up talking to the same guy quoted above. He wasn’t willing to spill the beans for me, though, leaving us with “No sir, we’re still waiting on information.”