Casio's ultra-tough G'zOne Brigade going on sale tomorrow?

WAAAAY back in November, Casio and Verizon showed off the G’zOne Brigade, an ultra-durable clamshell phone with a surprise QWERTY keyboard packed inside. “Push to talk!” they said. “It’s weatherproof!” they said. And then the radio went silent; nearly four months later, not so much as a release date had been mentioned.

Well, it looks like the release might sneak up on us, with a shelf date as early as tomorrow. We just got a flurry of tips indicating as much, all of which came in within a few minutes of each other. When the tips avalanche like that, it usually indicates that the store employees themselves just found out and felt like spreading the news.

We’ll work on digging up a bit more confirmation as to whether or not this thing is shipping tomorrow (drop us a line at if you know), so don’t go breaking your current, non-rugged phone in the mean time.