Video: Samsung explains why their Super AMOLED screen is better than your normal AMOLED screen

Samsung’s pretty proud of their Super AMOLED technology – and why shouldn’t they be? With next to no fanfare, they managed to knock out the readability issues that plagued AMOLED handsets any time they were within view of the sun. And if vastly improved readability wasn’t enough, they went and slimmed the whole thing down into a package considerably tighter than the competition’s not-so-sun friendly offerings.

Samsung’s compiled a nifty little video showing off all the reason why their Super AMOLED displays deserve their name.

Interestingly, they left out any sort of audio track. Come on, Samsung – this is 2010. We’ve been nursed by booming bass, and embraced by endless loops. If it doesn’t have a crazy techno soundtrack, how do you expect to keep our attention? Don’t worry, dear reader; I’ve got your back. Press play on the provided track below, then start the video.

[via Engadget]