Sprint Touch Pro 2 to finally get Windows Mobile 6.5 later this month?

Given that the HTC Touch Pro 2 saw upgrades to Windows Mobile 6.5 on just about every other carrier months ago, Sprint Touch Pro 2 owners might be feeling a wee bit rebuffed right now. On the brightside, chances are good that the upgrade is coming eventually, right?

Well, it looks like “eventually” might be sooner than later.

PPCGeeks forumgoer Platin465 scanned in the above table from a Sprint Small Business Catalog which indicates that the Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade will be coming down the pipes some time in March.

Also worth noting: whoever made that table sucks terribly at making tables. Why the heck would you list “Windows Mobile 6.5”, “Android Market”, and “BlackBerry App World” as separate comparison items? No phone is ever going to have more than one. Just list what operating system they have and call it a day.

[via WMpoweruser]