OneGuyOneGirl Aims To Keep Online Dating Simple

Online dating sites can be daunting. Between setting up the perfect profile and then trying to meet your dream partner from profiles of hundreds of thousands of people on each site (or on some of the more popular sites like, millions of users ). One startup, OneGuyOneGirl, aims to simplify this process.

The site displays One Guy and One Girl each day. You can see a picture on the site and access their Facebook and Twitter pages, as well. And if you like what you see, you can email as the guy/girl directly. You can also request to be featured on the site.

I admire the simplicity of OneGuy and One Girl, but there are a few holes I’d like to point out. First, it’s unclear how the site will actually makes money and doesn’t appear to have a viable business model. Also, some of the Facebook profiles of some of the featured guys/girls are available, which makes it difficult to know much about the person besides their age and a one sentence description about the individual’s interests. Lastly, the site seems to skew very young; both individuals who were featured today are only 18 and when I’ve checked the site out previously, the individuals were in the same age range.