Wish your iPhone was higher in sodium and preservatives? The TV Dinner iPhone case can help.

I was tempted to just post the photo above with “That is all.” as the text – but I suppose that’s not very helpful.

Looking to fill the needs of the massive “People who want an iPhone slip case, but really, really like TV dinners” crowd, Etsy seller Coolbeans717 has been hand-cranking out these Hungry Man-inspired beauties. The good news: unlike real Hungry Man dinners, using this daily probably won’t make you gigantic. The bad news: they’re sold out.

Fortunately, Coolbeans717 (or “ol’ beansie” as we call him [or her] around the imaginary ‘Hood) has a few other worthwhile handmade designs if you really want an iPhone slipcover but your heart isn’t absolutely set on waiting for the turkey-and-gravy-packed offering above to come back in stock.

[Via IntoMobile]