Official list of webOS 1.4 changes and bug fixes leaked?

If the most recent whispers from the webOS rumor mill hold true, we just might be seeing webOS 1.4 ship out to Pres and Pixis around the nation some time today. We know it’ll bring video recording support, and it’ll have a few UI enhancements tucked throughout — but what else? We want the details!

Fortunately, it looks like Palm’s own changelog might have just leaked out, jampacked with more details than you could ever want.

An anonymous tipster sent the log over to the guys at PreCentral. There are a handful of typos and oddities which make the whole thing seem a bit shaky – but then again, this could just be a rough draft.

What are you most excited about in webOS 1.4? For us, it’s definitely gotta be the “Time Zone bug fix”. I friggin’ love Time Zone bug fixes.

Change log:


  • Time Zone bug Fix

  • Network time sync bug fix to reflect accuratenetwork time

  • BT car-kit transition to device corrected

  • No EV-Icon bug fixed (random)

  • Random browser formatting bug fixed

  • Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming


  • Phonebook Transfer

  • Supports Video Capture Capability

  • Performance enhancement within phone and calendar



  • Dial phone # from within a meeting event

  • Allow custom Alerts sounds for Calendar event and reminders

  • Added AM – PM detail within Calendar events


  • Embedded phone $ or email address (embedded inemail) can be easily added to Contacts app

  • New email sort options  (date, Sender, Subject)

  • Return to inbox view after send – email


  • Ability to forward SMS to email

  • Ability to dial phone # from SMS chat session (No need to open contact any longer

  • Press and hold on a phone # to get more options( Call, SMS)

Universal Search now includes EAS (outlook Exchange) GAL corporate address look up.

Application Launcher – Easier user interface providing usermore feedback during an application launch

Pre Button in gesture area blinks when notification pending

Added Adobe Flash 10 Beta – Palm Pre only

Supports Flash 10 Beta – download available in Palm AppCatalog