Final Fantasy I and II for iPhone get release dates

Since we’ve spent two posts covering Street Fighter IV, a game that will presumably be terrible to play on the iPhone, I thought it was only fair to give a bit more love to a game that should be awesome on the iPhone. Actually, two games: Final Fantasy I and II.

We knew they were coming (see trailers/screenshots here) – but now we know when they’re coming. And it’s surprisingly soon!

According to PocketGamer, we can expect both releases to hit this Thursday. In just two days, we’ll see a game the likes of which have never been seen by any mortal. Well, except for when these games were released on the NES.. or when they were re-released on the Game Boy Advance.. and then re-re-released on the PSP. Okay, they’ve been seen a whole friggin’ lot of times – but come on, holy crap Final Fantasy on the iPhone.

Unlike some of the past re-releases, this won’t be a bundle deal; you’ll have to buy each one separately. Just how much damage that might mean to your wallet is still a mystery, as neither game’s price has been revealed just yet.