webOS 1.4 update coming on Thursday?

Back at CES in January, Palm announced that webOS 1.4 and all of its video recording talents would be hitting Pres and Pixis around the world starting in “February”.

Flash forward a few weeks, when a supposed snapshot of an internal Sprint scheduling sheet indicated that it would all start rolling out on February 15th. February 15th has, of course, come and gone — and our Pres remain un-updated.

Fear not, however – if the rumor mill doesn’t fail us a second time, we can still expect the update to roll out this month.

With only 6 days left in the month, any stab in the dark has a pretty good shot of being correct. However, the guys over at PreCentral say they’ve been tipped by a Verizon know-all who says that the roll-out has been pushed back to this Thursday, February 25th.

Keep your eyes peeled and start tapping that “Update” app come Thursday, and be sure to let us know when it goes live.