Kindle for BlackBerry becomes available, now with more squinting

Maybe you own a Kindle and find that its relatively small size might be on the big side when traveling or on the go, but you own a BlackBerry and not an iPhone. And maybe you never cared to own an iPhone until the Kindle app became available on it. Well, Amazon finally has some good news for you.

Available in beta, the Kindle for BlackBerry app now brings over 400,000 books right to your handset. With the new app, you can access your Kindle library, notes and other tidbits. You can either get the app from Amazon’s website, or point your BlackBerry browser to Amazon’s mobile site for download.

While you can always adjust the text size to your liking, I can’t imagine reading an entire book on a screen as small as the Bold 9700 or Curve 8520. Storm and Storm 2 owners might have a better time with a much bigger screen. If you don’t mind squinting and constant page turning, give the app a shot and fire back here with feedback.