WizeHive Launches Tool To Help Organizations Manage Applicants

Managing thousands of applications can be a daunting and complex task for many organizations and small businesses. WizeHive, a group messaging and task management app is launching a new product designed to meet help manage applicants and applications at foundations, grant providers, scholarship funds, admissions directors and contest managers.

WizeHive’s Applicant Manager features preset forms for application submissions and a secure workspace for ranking and reviewing submissions. The application also includes data mining and analysis capabilities as well as an email-messaging tool to quickly update groups of users and schedule interviews.

And WizeHive’s standard features like assigning tasks, storing and editing files round out the manager’s functionality. Applicant Manager is provided as a monthly service starting at $75 per month. We are big fans of WizeHive, and used the Applicant Manager when sorting through and organizing applications from startups for TechCrunch50 in 2009.

WizeHive’s online collaboration tool has received positive reviews thus far thanks to an easy-to-use and collaborative interface. The application combines microblogging features found in Twitter, project management features, and general collaboration and organizational features found in Microsoft SharePoint. Similar to Yammer, WizeHive lets users establish a private and continuous feed of activity.