Out with the old, in with the new: Windows Mobile 6.5 gets a name change

If you thought that Windows Mobile 6 would fade into oblivion because Windows Phone 7 is coming soon, think again. Not only will the OS stick around for a while longer, but it’s getting a name change, too: Windows Phone Classic. Of course, we all knew this was going to happen, so no surprises here, right?

Smart move by Microsoft here in letting go of the name that brings antiquity and cumbersome to mind. However, Windows Mobile 6.5 Windows Phone Classic will take a back seat to Windows Phone 7, which we’ll refer to henceforth as WinPho 7,  and will only be available to the developing world and big businesses. The move also helps to keep Windows Mobile applications around since they are incompatible with WinPho 7.

So, we bid adieu to Windows Mobile. It was somewhat nice while the OS was in the mainstream, but we’re moving on to bigger and better things.