Nexus One still plagued with 3G issues after OTA software patch

Nexus One owners have been griping about the device’s 3G connectivity issue since its release, and Google felt your pain and came to the rescue (even though they did sorta blame T-Mobile’s small 3G footprint for this). Or so we thought. After releasing an over-the-air update which was intended to resolve this problem, users are still reporting bugs.

One Nexus One owner reported that simply placing his hand on the lower-left side of the phone would cause his device to switch from 3G to EDGE. It screams “hardware issue” to us, but let’s hope that another software fix will take care of this. Otherwise, it could turn into a sticky situation for Google, and maybe even HTC, the phone’s manufacturer. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

[Engadget via BGR]