Motorola takes two steps back, says DROID update isn't coming this week

Earlier this week we reported that Motorola would be gearing up for an Android 2.1 update for the DROID. Oops! It turns out that it might not be coming that soon after all. And here we were etching notches into the wall as we counted down the days.

Even after announcing that the update would be available this week on its Facebook page, Motorola won’t be dishing out the much-anticipated Android 2.1. this week as Motorola said it was a bit premature on their part (no kidding?!) but it will be coming soon. Sorry to disappoint, DROID owners! In an e-mail to PhoneScoop, Verizon said, “The Droid over-the-air software upgrade is expected to rollout soon. It will automatically be pushed to phones when ready and Verizon Wireless customers will only have to accept the free download for continued use and enjoyment of this feature packed device.”

Any day now, kids. Any day now.