T-Mobile myTouch 1.2 launching tomorrow with Swype keyboard

We thought we knew just about everything there was to know about T-Mobile’s oh-so-subtle hardware upgrade to the myTouch, known around the Internets as the “myTouch 1.2”. Truth be told, there wasn’t really that much to know: they’d bumped the headset jack up to a standard 3.5mm jack (Hurray!), and upped the amount of RAM inside from 192 megabytes to 256.

Turns out, T-Mobile has one other little trick up their sleeve.

TmoNews just got their hands on the screencap above. According to the text, the myTouch 1.2 will come out of the box when it launches tomorrow pre-loaded with Swype, an awesome alternative touchscreen keyboard we saw launch at TechCrunch50 2008.

Swype is a replacement for the standard on-screen keyboard found on many touchscreen handsets. Rather than hunting-and-pecking letter by letter, you drag a trail with your finger through the letters that make up the word you’re trying to type, and Swype just figures it out. Though Swype has been available on certain Android handsets through unofficial means for a while now, this will be the first Android handset to come with it built in.