HTC releases Droid Eris source code

HTC’s been pretty good about celebrating the open-source spirit of Android. Whenever they release a new Android device, the source code for whatever goods they added on top of the stock firmware comes pouring in before too long.

It took just a bit over two months, but HTC has just released the code bundle for the Verizon Droid Eris. “Great! What does that mean for me?” you wonder.

If you aren’t a developer, not a whole lot – at least not directly. In the long run, however, it’s good for everyone. These source code packages give people that are far more hardcore than yours truly a deep view of everything that makes Android tick, which can lead to everything from the discovery and destruction of nasty bugs to HTC’s much-loved Sense user interface getting ported to devices that wouldn’t otherwise have it.

If you’re the tinkering type, you can find the source for the Droid Eris (and a bunch of other HTC devices) over at HTC’s Developer Center.