Internet: Theres been an OTA Droid Update! Motorola: Uh, no there hasn't.


Over the past day or so, reports have been pouring in from around the Internet that Motorola Droid users were suddenly seeing a surprise over-the-air update hit their handsets. “Better battery life!” they said, “And Facebook bugs have been fixed!”

This wasn’t an isolated reported, by any means. Dozens upon dozens of forumgoers proclaimed that they’d received it, and a few other blogs confirmed it. And yet.. Motorola has just decried talks of such an update on Twitter, claiming that they “have not released a new [OTA update] since December.”

So whats going on? Was an update released either on accident or with little communication from the techs? Are people just imagining things, like some sort of geeky version of the Dancing Plague of 1518? It’s like the most boring and awkwardly niche episode of the Twilight Zone ever.

I haven’t seen any updates hit my Droid handset, nor have I personally heard any tales from anyone I know not to be crazy. We’ll update you if that changes.