BlackBerry Cufflinks – Perfect for that someone who wants to look good, but still be kind of weird


Oh no! The fundraiser is in 2 hours, and you’re not even dressed yet! What are you going to do? Sure, you want to look sharp; that’s why you rented the suit. But you still want people to know that you’re a geek, man. You’ve spent too many years fixing other peoples computers and being asked to build their websites to give it all up for one night of looking suave.

BAM! A volley of smoke fills the air as the walls around you shake. On the table before you lay two, shining..

BlackBerry cufflinks. Thank you, geek fairy!

Yeah, I’m not really sure why anyone (outside of maybe the folks who work at RIM who REALLY, REALLY love their job) would buy these, but BlackBerry cufflinks now exist. They’ll set you back $50 a pair and a fair chunk of dignity – but hey, you never know when you’ll meet that special someone who’s just really into guys who like BlackBerry.

[Via IntoMobile]