T-Mobile loosens SIM unlock policies, travelers rejoice


Traveling overseas can be such a pain – there’s just so much to remember. Did you board the dogs? Did you turn the oven off? Did you remind your fight club buddies that your basement would be unavailable that week? Did you remember to get your handset unlocked by T-mobile so you could use a different SIM card overseas?

Gettin’ ol magenta to hand over the unlock codes has always been a bit of a pain; while it’s totally within your rights (according to your contract, at least), you’ll more often than not get an operator who needs to be convinced that you fit the criteria. Well, that just got a wee bit easier.

Starting this Thursday, T-mobile will be relaxing their unlock guidelines. Whereas you once had to be a T-Mobile customer for 90 days before you could request an unlock, FlexPay and PostPaid customers can both now call in for a code at just 40 days. Folks on prepaid plans will have to wait 60 days and will need to have at least 10 bucks in their account (though as long as you’ve refilled within the past 30 days, you should be set).

Have you tried to unlock your T-mobile phone before? Let us know how it went in the comments below.

[Via TmoNews]